Hank Pellissier provides career (and academic) guidance at an affordable price to people from 16-70 years old - in four easy steps: 

1) Discover your passionate interests via perceptive personality tests

2) Research jobs, (or colleges), salaries, and future growth predictions via the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

3) Select your future goal.

4) Chart a path - with a timeline - to success.


Hank Pellissier is a certified Creating A Life Worth Living advisor. He has written dozens of articles on future jobs, careers available without a college degree, how-to-get-into college, and other occupation and education topics. He's been a columnist and reporter for NYTimes.com, Salon.com, SFGate.com, and GreatSchools.org, and published multiple e-books including Brighter Brains: 22 Ways to elevate or injure IQHe's also started, and worked in, a dizzying diversity of enterprises: Think Tank Manager, Standup Comedy Teacher, Uganda Orphanage Fundraiser, Silkscreen Artist, Events Producer, PreSchool  Director, Gardener, etc. 

Contact Info:  Email: hankpellissier@yahoo.com /  Phone: 415-309-3505 

Free Initial 15 Minute Consultation -- Sliding Scale : from $25 - $50 hour.