Praise From Hank Hyena's Standup Students

Hank is a great instructor.  My friends were very impressed by our class presentation! it was fun, exciting stuff. -- Pamela

I loved the class!  I was terrified to take it but I ended up having the best time.  Hank was great -- good advice & criticism -- Walt S.

Here's what I got most out of the class: Courage to take more risks.  It takes a lot to get people to actually perform their monologues and Hank did it.  He also appreciates all different types of humor.  Excellent class -- Ann  B.

Hank knows his stuff; very calm and clear teacher. I was scared to death, but knowing that it can be done has made me excited about the future. -- Aaron P.

Excellent teacher... Exceeded my expectations -- the process was just amazing... I loved the critiques -- Beth P.

Hank is very informative, non-threatening, interactive and passionate about subject. He is obviously someone who enjoys teaching.  He has a pleasant demeanor and encourages everyone to just go for it -- Tony R.

I really appreciate all the hard work and enthusiasm and effort Hank puts into his classes and the way he stays in touch with his ex-students and organizes all the events. It's a great thing to be able to look forward to.  -- Edwin H.

Hank is great at bringing people out -- Carol N.

great abilities shown by Hank to harness & encourage us.  Met my expectations in terms of atmosphere of trust and cooperation -- Daniel R.

A really great class...  I enjoyed every moment of it  -- Thanks for a wonderful experience -- Kevin H.

First rate teacher; he allows class to interact heavily on all topics.  

Hands on exercises are great, teaches fundamentals through personal experience -- Deborah S.

Excellent, pragmatic teacher.  Very friendly and encouraging style.  The class was much better than my expectations -- Dave S.

Great class; Fun and instructional.  Hank made me feel very excited about the kind of writing that was required -- Eva S.

Hank did a great job at helping me navigate into an unknown and scary territory.  He gave us good guidance with freedom to grow. -- Gus W.

Hank was great!  By having us interact with each other, we learned a lot -- Karen A.

Hank is cool -- I liked the discussions -- His comments about performances were very helpful -- Kristian R.

Exceeded my expectations..  Hank is a very solid teacher -- Matt J.

Very good.  Fun, entertaining, great examples provided -- Matt L.

Subtle, tactful, skillful & funny; he created rich learning activities -- Mike M.

Great teacher.  Very skilled in genre, both in doing it and teaching it.  Gave great supportive feedback & encouraged class to do likewise.  -- Scott Y.

Very informative and enlightening...  Hank does a great job!  He really seems to care; very personable -- Steve K.

The class exceeded my expectations.  Thanks... I was inspired.  --  Wendy T. 

Over the last 6 months, I have discovered a hobby that I am very passionate about!   I want to thank you for the time and energy that you dedicated to my comedy routine both during and after the UC extension class.  I have really appreciated you input.  -- Tejus K.