Fan Letters


Zen flirtation---Hilarious, Absolutely frigging Hilarious. Puppet-Weirdo, Camel woman--- I just about fell off my chair laughing.  Thanks, Hank – M Silvia

Hank, your column made me helpless with hysteria.   My are a hoot. -- Jill

Hank, I do enjoy Salon magazine tremendously, and your article was unusual and fascinating.  I forwarded it to a lot of my friends.  I also enjoyed one of your other stories from last year:  "A Husband's Revenge".  I forwarded that one to a lot of people, also.  Weeks later, a divorced female friend of mine mentioned to me she kept thinking about it.  Must have really struck a nerve with her.  so, keep up the good work. -- Charles Matthews

Hank Hyena's article on circumcision was a rarity -- informative and extremely funny. Salon needs more writers like him...  Mr. Hyena's contribution was a refreshing break from your usual stuff -- Heather Swanson

Dear Hank Hyena:  Your article is one of the most intelligent reports that I have seen on the subject of Tibet. A decent report on Tibet is sadly so rare. I am amazed how so many people choose to embrace Hollywood fantasies while ignoring all historians. I admire your courage to tell the truth, even at risk of "ruining" your own vacation. Sincerely -- Wenjing

Dear Hank, I enjoyed your refreshing and ballsy article about your travels in/near Tibet, putting Tibet and Tibetans in perspective. As someone who has spent alot of time around Tibetans in India and in the Bay Area I am fed up with the zombie-like idolatry that we westerners exhibit whenever Tibetans are mentioned. Yours truly – MII

Subject: Turkey baster baby -- Maybe I shouldn't have laughed, but this tickled my funny bone.  The HERO of the whole thing is such a wonderful guy.  I don't know of ANY male of my knowledge who could go through this and be so gracious about it all.  Good luck to all and may fortune smile on them---- Holly D

Hi Hank, Very good Salon travel piece where on your trip to Europe you switched over from the Dark Side and became a more lefty-leaning person.  Regards -- David

 re: "Swallowing pig sperm..." -- Hank, you are a genius. Thanks for the best laugh I've had in weeks!  My first thought, after I stopped laughing, was how much fun you must be at parties. :) Cheers -- Rearwood

“Anti-wankers want to ban book in Virginia high schools” must have been one of the funniest things I've read in salon. Took me about two paragraphs to get it, though. "lightly fingered" seemed like an odd word choice, but "jerked off the shelf" cinched it.  Bravo. -- Johan

I found your article on the worldwide penis-slashing epidemic positively hilarious, notwithstanding the horrific subject matter (ouch!).  I hope you'll be writing more articles in the near future. Sincerely -- HJR9257

it takes courage to write about sex trade. I commend you for putting your ass on the line, so to speak. Hope you can continue to shine light on the sexploitation story. good luck to you --  Trout

Good job on the AIDS' story in Salon. I read the national and local press every day, and this is the first story I've seen on it. One has to wonder if the media has ignored the story because of its controversial nature. Keep up the good work – GILGEO

Subject:  Zen Flirting.  Hank--Hilarious column. Thanks for getting my day off to a good start. -- Jay Bartos

That was a great article!  IT WAS FUNNY!  made me laugh.  And well crafted, like, control, like, like a fine canned beer!  Give Hank control of the whole enchilada. -- -- Wise Fool

Hank, you crack me up.  Great stuff. -- Matassa

Dear Mr. Hyena, I just wanted to tell you I thouroughly enjoyed your article. I am a Wisconsinite, but am soon to be relocating to San Francisco. I look forward to reading your column in the future. – A Tourvil

I really enjoyed your recap of the Folsom Street Fair, and look forward to reading more from you. I quite enjoyed your archive. -- Crusso

great article on the Grateful Dead – J Murphy

Hello!  Your article this morning is really funny especially to another pregnant woman who's husband is awed by her huge hooters.   Have a great day! – Lynanne Bradshaw

your article on the church of johncoltrane was very interesting.  my compliment – L Amauric

I really did enjoy your pieces I read at the Gate. From the woman who taught folks how to marry well to well, the physical manifestations of a mammel toward the end of her period of gestation, you alwyas managed to be very interesting, frequently genuinely funny and of such impact that I'd laugh with joy when I saw your name.  From Houston, I send my best to you. – Edward Shaw

Thanks for the amaaaaazing article about Glide.  It's sometimes difficult to appreciate just how moving Glide is for all of us, not to mention, communicating about it to others. The following is from a choir email list that is currently circualting about your piece:  "This Chron article is about as good as it gets for putting into words what we are so blessed to experience at Glide. Hats off to writer Hank -- this goes out to all my family & friends." -- PS Crosby

Hank, Loved your article on Marilyn Chambers... – Bit Bonkerz

I've become a fan of Hank Hyena... I really appreciated his thoughtful description of the worshippers at the St. John's Serbian Orthodox Church.  It was just the kind of humanizing story of decent sensible people caught up in an absurd and brutal situation that gave mepause, counter-acted my tendency to demonize entire nationalities asinsane and fanatical.  Even though it's not the whole story, the media in general could do withmore accounts of the type that Mr. Hyena has provided. – V Jang

We enjoyed the "Roller Derby Madness" coverage very much. Good Job. -- Tim Patten

You did a great job on that article (Mission Rock Homeless Shelter). ... You exposed the true problem of returning self-esteem, hope, and cleanliness to these homeless people. I also applaud your suggestions. You see without those suggestions on how to make things right, your newspaper becomes no better than the "rags" I see at the grocery check out counter. – Stry Road

Thank you for a moving piece on Mission Rock. I read it out loud to my lady-friend. – B Walp

Your article was really great and so needed. The treatment of the clients of Mission Rock is deplorable. There is no reason why homeless people cannot be treated with respect and offered to use of laundy facilities, towels, clean bedsheets, etc. It is also shocking that you didn't see any job-related information there!  A very interesting article - thank you so much.  – S Brooks

I enjoyed your Salon piece on the hypocritical sexual practices of the clergy of the world's religions. -- LKnauff

I thought your article on vaginal dryness and AIDS transmission from was quite interesting -- Zarahstar

Your recent article about the phone sex operator was so well done. Definately a pass-around piece.  Thanks -- Getalong

I enjoyed your article "Elton John makes the Cub Scouts strip"; it is by far the most complete and informative article I've found on that story. -- James

Great article on the mutilation of males. Thanks for standing up, and sharing the information. -- Redhill

I enjoyed reading Hank Hyena's article on the "gay" Jesus controversy. --  Lance Grider

I liked your Salon article on Nigerian college cults. -- Ray

Thanks for the refreshing offset to the blather about Tibet. -- Suknesh

I enjoyed your article about hemaphrodites in Colombia. -- Alfredo

I loved your piece on international voyeurs – M Marsh

I enjoyed your story about the Thai epidemic of penis hackings -- Tran

Great articles you have, love the way you think. .  – John Wirth

Enjoyed your latest "Urge" column in Salon.  – Crispin Reedy

dude, love your articles.  keep it up! -- Ashon

Enjoy reading your new An interesting variety of news. Thanks – K Johnson

Thanks for the interesting columns. Most enjoyable -- Eric

  Just to say I much enjoyed your article about the Bois de Boulogne and its temptresses, both as a writer ...and a Parisian. -- Tatiana