I've written 100+ articles on futurist ideas for magazines, a think tank and the World Future Society. Selection below, with links.


"#1 The Ukrainian Human Barbie Doll - Valeria Lukyanova - Is this the future of cosmetic enhancement?"  

"#5 Nudity Is Healthy for Brains and Bodies"  

"#7 Brain Damage - 83 ways to stupefy intelligence"  

"#9: Should Politicians be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence? Interview with Mark Waser"  

"#12 Andrej Pejic - Androgynous Model - heralding a post-gender future?"  

"#19 Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so High? - twenty possible explanations"  

"#19: Transhumanism: there are at least ten different philosophical categories; which ones are you?" 

"Happiness, Freedom, Equality, Rudeness: Welcome to Denmark!"  

"Women-Only Leadership: Would it prevent war?"  

"Egalitarian Planet: Five proposals to elevate society by reducing disparity"  

"Ban Baby-Making Unless Parents Are Licensed"

"Ova-Fusion and the Elimination of the Male"   

"Feminism’s Social Side Effects"  

 Artificial Wombs Will Spawn New Freedoms

"“Tracking and Hacking - Values and Happiness with AI” - interview with John C. Havens"  

"“Cyber-Humans: Our Future with Machines” – Interview with Prof. Woodrow Barfield"  

"Basic Income Guarantee will allow us to move up the Maslow Pyramid - interview with Gerd Leonhard"  

"“McMindfulness”: is Buddhism contaminated by capitalism?” - interview with Terry Hyland"  

"“Technology Could Bring Heaven on Earth, or Create Hell” - interview with futurist Gerd Leonhard"   

"“Ketosis gives me amazing energy and I lost 60 lbs” - interview with Chris Bair of Keto Chow"  

"Transhumanism’s Goal is to Increase Our Capacity for Love - interview with James Ledford"   

"Our Narcissistic Politicians - should MRI brain scans be required of all candidates?"  

"The Future of SubSaharan Africa - interview with Michael Lee"  

"“My Life With Bipolar Disorder: Non-Pharma Treatments” - interview with Gareth John (Part 2)"  

"“My Life With Bipolar Disorder” – interview with Gareth John (Part One)"   

"Want USA Colleges to be Free? Nationalize Energy; Tax Churches; Halt Offshore Tax Evasion"   

"Obsolete the President - Replace with Direct Democracy (interview with Nicole Sallak Anderson)"  

"Africa’s Population Explosion: 5.6 Billion Forecast by 2100 - is this Catastrophic?"  

"Biafra Survives: the Igbo people, 45 years after the Civil War"  

"Thailand’s Royal Problem: Democratic Grumblings in The Land of Smiles"  

"Free Will, Buddhism, and Mindfulness Meditation - interview with Terry Hyland"   

"Memory Erasure, Distortion & Fabrication - a Transhumanist Enhancement We Want?"  

"Free Will Does Not Exist - Should it be a Transhumanist Enhancement?"   

"5 Ancient Ways to Survive Drought: Public Baths, Veganism, Nudity, Eco-Latrines, Eating with Hands"   

"Effective Altruism has Five Serious Flaws - Avoid It - Be a DIY Philanthropist Instead"  

"Do You Fear Eugenics? China Does Not, and that’s a Problem - interview with Chad White"   

"Robots Should Play Football - Not Humans"  

"Democratic Socialism - is it Ideal for Transhumanism?"     

"“60 is the new 30” - Transhuman Senior Fitness"  

"Future Beautiful Identical People - is this horribly icky, or sexy wonderful?"  

"East Asia is More “Transhumanist” than the USA & Europe"  

"Why is the IQ of Ashkenazi Jews so High? - twenty possible explanations"  

"Fracture the Empire-States to Enhance Democracy - Global Separatism"  

"Should California Secede from the United States?"  

"Polygamous Future? - Now that Gay Marriage is Inevitable, will Plural Unions next be Legalized?"  

"New Zealand: A Future ‘Home Base’ for Transhumanists?"  

"Transhumanists: Who Are They? What Do They Want, Believe, and Predict? (Terasem Survey, Part 5)"  

"Abolishing Suffering via Bio-Engineering and Drugs - would this cripple social activism and art?"  

"Miss South Korea Admits Plastic Surgery Enhanced Her Beauty… Who Cares?"  

"“MindFile-Uploaded-into-Cyborg” is our Favorite Life-Extending Option, claim 800+ Transhumanists"  

"Immortality Will Arrive via Singularity, Nanotech, or Genetic Engineering - say 800+ Transhumanists"  

"What Would Transhumanists Do With 100 Extra Years of Life? Space Travel? Alien Sex? Helping Others?"  

"Do All Transhumanists Want Immortality? No?  Why Not? (Terasem Survey, Part 1)"  

"Dammed Tibet - Extracting Wealth and Power from the World’s Biggest Water Tank" 

"Water Wars - Nine Thirsty Regions where H20 Conflict is Steaming"  

"“We Can Hear You Now!” - 12 Ways Cell Phones Accelerate Africa"  

"The Succubus Mythology - Engineering a Radical Future Sexy Self"  

"Transgender and Transhuman - the alliance, the complaints and the future"  

"Japanese Asexual Activist-Artist Slices off his Genitalia, Serves at Banquet"  

"Cousin Marriage - 70% in Pakistan - Should it be Prohibited?"   

"“The Self” in the Future: Will it be Extinguished, by Neuroscience?"  

"What Would You Do - with the infinite extra years - If You Were Immortal?"  

"100% Honesty, Transparency, Disclosure - is this the “naked future” we want?"  

"Vagina Dentata? Techno-Gizmos for the Elimination of Rape"  

"Sixty Years Old - is my future short and messy, or long and glorious?"