Lament of the Circumcised Man

when I was a baby, three days old                                                                                                       the doctor took his steel scapel, bright and cold                                                                              he grabbed my little weenie, he held it in his hand                                                                             he said,”get ready, Junior, I’m going to make you a man”

I looked at him with innocent, trusting eyes                                                                                    he said, “are you prepared to be circumcised?”                                                                                 he pulled my loose flesh forward, he squeezed it in a pinch                                                            he saw my foreskin waiting there, three quarters of an inch

above my crotch he held the knife                                                                                                   slowly he began to slice

blooded squirted on my nose and chin, blood squirted in my eye                                               blood ripped from my severed member and I began to cry                                                         “where oh where is my dear Mama?                                                                                                   to rescue me from my first trauma?                                                                                               Where oh where is my dear Dad?                                                                                                  doesn’t he know this makes me sad?”

its a thing that baby boys go through                                                                                                   it’s a modern operation                                                                                                                        penis mutilation

anyway the years went by, with my tip shaped like an acorn                                                                 I forgot that it looked different from when I was first born                                                              I thought it was the right aesthetic, I thought that is was cool                                                      ’cause it looked like any other dick in my gym class at high school

but then, one day after basketball proactive, I was taking a leak                                              someone was standing next to me, I had to take a peek                                                             startled, I stared! it was the transfer student from Berlin                                                                   I saw between his legs… a wrinkled foreskin

“where’d you get that thing?” I asked him                                                                                         he told me European guys remain what he called intact                                                                    the same, he said, is true, all over the world                                                                                              only Americans and Jews - get hacked

well… I stared at his foreskin with curiosity                                                                                      and I began to wonder, why’d this happen to me?                                                                          why’d my parents pay to have this surgery done?                                                                                   if I still had a foreskin… I might be having fun!

Like.. inside that slippery hood I’d hide, dollar bills and silly things                                                or maybe I would get it pierced, I’d wear a penis ear ring                                                            perhaps I’d pull the loose flesh forward, I’d tie a ribbon around the end                                        it’d be the perfect present for a sexy friend

but now I can’t do that because I never got the chance                                                                        to decide what kind of penis I could wear inside my pants

Mom and Dad, if you give birth to a bit of screaming meat                                                             you don’t chop off the ears and tongue, the chubby hands and feet                                                     but yet, you did not hesitate, you left me screaming, hurt, in shock                                             you paid a doctor fifty dollars to decapitate my cock

If I ever have a baby, a little tiny man, like me                                                                                    I won’t play games with flesh                                                                                                                I won’t let a surgeon mess                                                                                                                   with the shape of his weenie                                                                                                               he can keep the organ he was born with that nature gave him to enjoy                                           I would not amputate the foreskin of a helpless baby boy