Ludmilla Popvich

you should kiss me because I’m the only guy in this high school who can name the four major rivers of your native land - Vistula, Oder, Warta & Bug - I memorized every damn thing about Poland so I could comfort you when you were homesick

Ludmilla Popovich - you should let me take off your Disneyland t-shirt because you’re a foreign exchange student & I’ll be a cultural experience - if we have fun we can sing “It’s a Small World After All” together

Ludmilla Popovich - three of my uncles died fighting in World War II to liberate your nation - I’m not trying to manipulate you, but - if you hugged me you’d be thanking them, too

Ludmilla Popovich - your land has often been invaded, partitioned, and conquered - but I am weak before you - feeble, supine - I surrender my turf - my geography seeks your administration

Ludmilla Popovich - I will be your slave boy if you will be my Slav girl - I will die if I can’t paw your lovely bosom from Warsaw

Ludmilla Popovich - we should absolutely do it because I talk all the time during sex & you still need to practice your English

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