Hank is a happy gardener, providing a variety of services to property-owners in the San Francisco area. 

Do you want your weeds whacked? Want to get your plants in fine order?  Hank is happy to do cutting, pulling, raking, digging-up-by-the-roots, chopping, trimming, edging. 

Want to try some special? Hank can help you with that too.

Perhaps you want to plant a "Drought Resistant Garden" with cactus and succulents? So that it looks something like the garden below. I would be delighted to help you with that.

Or, perhaps you'd like to create a Garden for Wildlife - a sustainable garden that helps wildlife, providing food, water, cover, and nest material for young. I’d love to help you with the goal to populate your yard with butterflies, birds, insects, amphibians, reptiles, maybe even larger animals (but NO deer, like the hungry one below)

My rates are extremely reasonable - to find out more text me at 415-309-3505 or email hankpellissier@yahoo.com