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 We Will Own Our Star 

Ra! Solis! Sun! Helios!

Glorious god in Neolithic Dawn

Neanderthal & Cro-Magnon

Adore your bright light

Apollo flies across the sky

Aztec, Celtic, Babylonian

Offer bloody sacrifice. Sun -

We dare not stare upon your face

We beg you “please dissolve the ice,

Please entice our tiny seeds to grow -

Feed us, save us, Helios!”

Sun gazes down, nonchalant

We crawl towards the Renaissance

With telescope Galileo inspects

The heavens - ahhh - we lose respect

Solis, when we learn exactly what you are:

A pale yellow dwarfish star

Just like another trillion billion

Explosive bags of common gas - ho hum

hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, helium

+ you’re marginal: 26k light years away

From center stage in the Milky Way

Sun! You have no heart or brain

You’re just a troll who needs to flame

The gifts you gave us have been eclipsed

By torturous temperatures in Phoenix

Hurricane harm, melanoma arms

Sea levels higher, forests on fire

Antartica cracks into icebergs

Triple the size of Luxembourg

Our climate is unstable

So we’re turning the tables

Helios! We will enslave you in four phases


We will block sunlight with a huge space mirror

Constructed by geo-engineers

600k square miles of reflection

Gain the Earth sunburn protection

This cool scheme bounces back sunbeams

The heat is defeated; rays richochet away

Our enormous space mirror - larger than Peru -

Rescues us from the barbecue


We will dam the glaciers of Greenland

so ice & snow cannot flow, drifting in the lifting sea

+ we will cover the frigid mass

With white canvas to halt the melt -

This keeps sea levels down

So Bangladeshis do not drown

& we don’t have to say ‘good-bye’

To Miami & Shanghai


We will irritate volcanos:

The 45 in Java festering with lava

+ Krakatoa, Mauna Loa, Nyiragongo in The Congo

Vesuvius & Arenal; we will explode them all

They’ll spray sulfur dioxide worldwide

Into the air - creating misty vapor

That halts Sun’s glare. Volcanic upheaval

Helps our planet escape a sun-tan that is lethal


We will trap Helios inside a Dyson sphere

(This vampiric plan is quite ‘high gear’) Circling

Circling Sun with 999k solar panels, our blockage

Will obtain 100% of the wattage

We will checkmate the ancient solar deity

We with domesticate our star with techno-ability

All our climate & energy troubles

Will be cured with this mega-parasitic bubble


12k years ago we shivered in caves

Now Sun’s radiation is our slave

Weather is elected - we vote everyday

Democratic Thermostatic

72 degrees Fahrenheit

Popular with suburbanites

We splash in public baths & laugh laugh laugh

Ecstatic to escape our humiliating past